Spiritual Journey

We are Architects of our essence

What would you do if you knew that we are architects of our essence and that we have the ability to achieve what your soul truly desires?

And the big question is,

What do I love doing?

How can I find out what is my passion? What is that thing that I love doing and I get so lost in time and space, and I feel blissful?

You see, from a very early age, we have been programmed to the “must”, “need to” and “have to”, and in that, we have forgotten what is it that really moves us in our essence.

We have lost memory of what makes us unique, so powerful and so different from the rest of other human beings.

We got used to the “rat race”, wake up in the morning, go to work, eat, sleep, and with the little time left, we just want to rest or get lost in the material world it has been created.

Long hours at work, doing a job that some people might love, (a fortunate few), but most of the population do just to achieve an specific need, (pay bills, mortgage).

We have forgotten who we really are

What is our true essence and what is it that we were born to do?, because we all have a purpose and we are architects of our essence.

Thanks to this wave of spiritual awakening taking place in our beautiful Earth, more and more souls are waking up to the realisation that their natural state is that of complete abundance in all areas of their lives.

Because this abundance comes as a result from living from your heart. It comes from remembering that you are a special and unique human being, with a soul´s mission to fulfil at this time.

And the more you tune into your heart and spend time going within, taking off the layers of social conditioning, you are starting to see that is more to this that meets the eye.

There is an infinite world of possibilities that you can access when you go back to living from the heart, from your soul´s purpose.

And by unravelling the layers, healing the traumas, little by little you start to tap into your essence, that knowledge and wisdom that lies within each of us;

Then the magic begins.

This is a journey that never stops

I will dive into my personal journey on how I started this road to discovering my true self.

My experiences and the subtle messages that lead me to this path I am now walking.

This is a journey of continuous evolution and with each step you take into listening to your heart, the closest you get to living the life that is in alignment with your higher purpose.

One that is driven from your heart and your soul.

Much love, x


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