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My name is Silvia, and a long time ago I began a personal journey of self discovery that made me live all sorts of situations. Through that inner journey, I accumulated experiences, and I went deeper into things that exist but we cannot see, and hence, slowly undoing the entanglement of limiting beliefs and everything else that wasn’t mine, and that didn’t allow me to hear my inner voice clearly. The death of my husband was a huge turning point in my life, from which I learned to trust my path even more.

With the right tools and the courage to look inside, anything is possible. Then the journey of understanding and integrating that there is something beyond what our senses show us begins, and if you listen carefully, you will learn to let yourself be guided by that inner voice, your intuition, the voice of the soul, of your essence.

Never give up

To live our life’s purpose, we have to remember our essence. Who we are, what moves us, what motivates us every day.

For a long time I wandered through life, aimlessly, trying to remember who I was, what made me feel alive and happy inside, when time flies by, without realizing it, when you are doing what comes out of your soul.

Today, I am on the right path, listening more and more to that inner voice, which represents me; and my intention is to share my learnings with everyone who resonates with this message, to shine light where we sometimes see darkness.

I have no doubt about the power we have to create our reality, although social conditioning, among others, clouds our vision and makes us think that we are mere mortals traveling adrift in this physical experience that we call life.

Once we are aware of our creative power, a world of discovery opens up where the only obstacle in the way is ourselves.



Moonlight Essence was born more than 10 years ago, as a result of my training in aromatherapy. From there, a series of natural and artisan products emerged that have been evolving through all this time. The products are handmade with pure essential oils, and the best materials. FREE from sulphates or parabens, and taking into account the therapeutic properties not only for the skin, but for our emotional and spiritual state of being.

I love creating new products, and I put my passion so that the final product is of the best quality and always made from the heart. In each product goes a piece of my essence.

If you want to discover all the products available at the moment, take a look at the Shop.

I hope you like it.

We currently only ship to Mainland Spain.


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WeSafaris is a personal project very close to my heart. My connection with Africa, and especially with Zimbabwe, is very deep. It is my second home, and perhaps even my real home, where my soul feels at home. For this, and much more, WeSafaris was born, in honour to the person who made me fall in love with his country, Zimbabwe; its magic, its people, and of a host of other things.

I organize trips in small groups, in the same way that I would show the country to my family if they were to visit me. With a team of excellent professionals, and personal friends in Zimbabwe who take care of the logistics and the entire organization of the trip, making this, a unique and special experience.

If you want to discover the magic of Zimbabwe, the same one that captivated me 18 years ago, and live a truly unforgettable experience, I invite you to visit WeSafaris for more information.


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Quantum Flow is a simple and at the same time revealing practice that helps to balance and reconnect body and mind, undo unconscious blockages that exist in us and thus, be able to live a life of inner mastery.

Quantum Flow is a fusion of ancestral techniques, such as QiGong, and cutting-edge techniques such as neuroscience, which helps to “biohack” the nervous system and thus achieve a personal transformation in a fast way.

Through movement, breathing, vibratory sound and meditation we can connect with the quantum field of infinite possibilities, using the body as a vehicle of transformation, manifestation and abundance.


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My training and holistic experience is centered in nature and energetic therapies. Reiki, herbalism, aromatherapy and my passion for gemstone therapy are other aspect that integrate my essence. Since I was a child my connection with nature has been very strong, but it was in Africa, when I visited Zimbabwe for the first time in 2004, that I came to better understand what it meant to me. Since then, my view on life changed completely and the connection with nature grew as I searched within myself.

We all have the ability to connect to that part of ourselves that was forgotten at some point in our lives, that part, that actually, represents the fundamental pillar of our being, the one that makes us unique, and genuine.

My intention is to guide and accompany anyone who feels that there is more, and who wants to start a journey of personal discovery in order to live a life in alignment with their soul’s purpose, their higher self. To have confidence in your intuition, your soul and your heart, without letting external situations divert you from the path you came to walk in this wonderful life.

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