• Spiritual Journey

    Dealing with grief

    I would be lying if I said that it is easy to get over the loss of someone you love, especially if the bond is very close. It requires inner strength and understanding beyond what we have been taught to go through grief without losing yourself in the process. Each person is different It is very easy to fall into a destructive spiral that traps you and engulfs you in a dark pit from which it is very difficult to get out. However, the grieving process is inevitable. It is necessary to go through that process even though each person experiences it differently. I would not be able to define…

  • Spiritual Journey

    The Journey within

    What is my essence, what is that which moves me, and what is that I want to contribute, and share with the world? How did I start that journey within and what made me do it? My purpose My desire is to help and inspire every being that resonates with my message. My purpose is to guide and assist in the journey within, in connecting with your essence, that which makes you unique. And so from there, you can find the answers that have always existed, your life purpose, your mission. For you to remember who you really are and live, from this knowledge, a full and happy life, doing…

  • Spiritual Journey

    We are Architects of our essence

    What would you do if you knew that we are architects of our essence and that we have the ability to achieve what your soul truly desires? And the big question is, What do I love doing? How can I find out what is my passion? What is that thing that I love doing and I get so lost in time and space, and I feel blissful? You see, from a very early age, we have been programmed to the “must”, “need to” and “have to”, and in that, we have forgotten what is it that really moves us in our essence. We have lost memory of what makes us…

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